How to Delete Facebook Page Check-Ins

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Please note that Facebook has changed check-in management significantly since this article was published in 2012.

Due to these changes, the information below no longer works or applies to deleting Facebook page check-ins.

This post will show you how to delete Facebook page check-ins.

Check-ins are a great idea if you have a physical place of business. But
if you don’t have a physical place of business, customers aren’t checking in so
you may want to delete check-ins altogether.

Currently, in order to delete Facebook check-ins, you will need to remove
your address and map from the ABOUT section on your Facebook page.

How to Delete Facebook Page Check-ins:

Note: Steps below are no longer applicable. If, at some future point, a solution is found, I will be sure to post here.

Log in to your page as page administrator and follow steps below:

1. Click the About tab

2. Click Edit Page Info

Screenshot of Facebook Page Edit Mode

3.  Scroll down to address area and uncheck the button below the map to hide your address, map, and check-ins:

Screenshot of Facebook Map amd Address Info on Business Page

4. Save your changes.

Your map, check-ins, and street address will no longer show up on your page.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in September 2012. It has been rewritten and updated for accuracy.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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6 months ago

This suggestion didn’t work for me (the “Customers visit my business at my street address” was already unchecked for my page when someone posted photos that indicated they were “at” my business). However, this information seems relevant to this discussion:

9 months ago

STILL doesn’t work. People are still checking in to our small business and that box is unchecked. DOES NOT WORK.

6 months ago

In my experience. the action of unchecking “Customers visit my business at my street address” does not prevent them from checking into your page. The parenthetical note associated with that checkbox now says “unchecking this box will hide the address from your Page” and makes no mentions of check-ins.

1 year ago

That box was un-checked from the beginning and I still got a ‘check in’ with a photo that I did not want. It was just some guy being smart. Nothing terribly offensive but I’d still like to get rid of it and understand how it happened.

Ali Imran
1 year ago
Reply to  Allen

The post that’s bothering me is from May 2017. Long before I have joined the company. Being an admin I cant find it in the May 2017th activity and I tried using from the account that was admin of the page in 2017 its not visible to him too. Its just an appropriate post from an old employee.

Giridharan Kesavan
Giridharan Kesavan
4 years ago

This is indeed helpful. I need to go a step further. I am a page admin. I need to delete a check-in by a person who has posted an undesirable photo along with the check in – he did this before I disabled the checkin feature.

ANy way of removing such check-ins?

Michelle Phillips
Michelle Phillips
4 years ago

Hi Giridharan, thanks for stopping by and asking a great question. I’m sorry for the situation you’ve encountered with check-ins. I’ve also researched it, but don’t see any way to delete this undesirable check-in. My suggestion would be to contact Facebook at to file a report and see if they can assist you further. Good luck!

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