Increasing Awareness Movement

A website for a non-profit that announces upcoming events and offers online registrations.

They also wanted a site that would be calming and centering for visitors. This was a bit challenging and our initial design mock-ups were a bit too “feminine” for what they were envisioning. After all, men are website visitors, too, so we went back to the drawing board. We refined the design and knew we hit the mark when men began giving favorable, unsolicited feedback.

In addition, the site needed to integrate with PayPal so that once the registration form was submitted, the visitor would be routed to PayPal to complete the transaction.

This is accomplished through the use of Gravity Forms. Once a visitor registers for a class or event via the website form, they are redirected to PayPal to securely complete their transaction. This is a simple solution for a site that needs to collect money but doesn’t currently have an SSL certificate installed.

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