Get a website audit and get peace of mind.

Whether it’s slow load times, plugin conflicts, or security concerns, fighting these issues can take time and cost you sales.

So what can you do? Get a website audit.

Before you switch your WordPress theme, jump to another hosting company, or give up altogether, contact us for a website audit.

Let us check your website and provide an audit report of recommendations as to what you can do right now  to improve your WordPress website performance and security.

We can generally schedule your audit within a week.

A Beautiful WordPress Website Isn’t Enough

That’s because some of the WOW! factors of a pretty site can significantly slow down your site.

And some of the most beautiful WordPress websites you see can lack critical security measures.

You don’t have to sacrifice pretty for speed.

But you should understand what types of elements can impact your website’s security and speed.

When you schedule a website audit with Codefetti, we’ll prepare a report that itemizes each security and performance issue your site may face.

And we’ll give you a roadmap on what needs to be fixed.

What We Check in a Website Audit

Base Security

Is your .htaccess file properly configured and your site secure from hackers and bots?

WordPress Root Files

Is your configuration file secure including SALT keys and XML-RPC blocking?

On Site Security

Are general settings properly configured? Are users and comments locked down?

Server Resources

Do you have adequate server resources to run your site efficiently?


Are plugins updated, currently maintained, and in use? Are there any plugin conflicts?


Do you use a well-supported backup plugin? Are backups set up and running properly?

Performance and Security

Is your website optimized? Are proper security headers and country blocks in place?


Can we help troubleshoot any technical issues that are driving you nuts?

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