Website Audit

Let’s face it – we all get stressed when our website isn’t running as efficiently as it should be.

Whether it’s slow load times, plugin conflicts, or security concerns, fighting these issues can take time and cost you sales. So what can you do? Get a website audit and get peace of mind.

Your website is the most important online presence you can have. And that’s why it’s so important to stay on top of security and performance by monitoring your website on a regular basis.

Here’s an overview of the items we check during your website audit:

  1. Base Security – Is your .htaccess file properly configured and your site secure from hackers and bots? What about your WordPress login?
  2. Backups – Do you have backups setup and running properly? Have you tested that a restore is good?
  3. WordPress Root Files – Is your configuration file secure including SALT keys and XML-RPC?
  4. Plugins – Are plugins updated, currently  maintained, and in use? Are there any plugin conflicts? Do you have orphaned plugins on the server?
  5. Server Resource Usage – Do you have adequate server resources to run your site efficiently?
  6. Performance -Is your website optimized to run at peak performance? We’ll check web page load times and mobile-friendliness, too!
  7. Database -Does your database need to be cleaned up for orphaned tables and plugins?
  8. SEO -Do you have basic configuration set up? Is Google indexing your site and is your theme HTML5 (current standard) compliant?

Let us check your website and provide an audit report of recommendations as to what you can do right now  to improve your WordPress website performance and security. We’ll have a live chat to review these recommendations and give you tips to help your website perform more efficiently.

But don’t just take our word for it! See what a client has to say!

“My company utilized Codefetti’s new Website Audit Service to identify improvements to the business site’s SEO and optimization. I am beyond pleased with the level of detail the audit provided, the detailed analytics, and comprehensive list of recommended fixes. Since implementing the recommendations in the audit, site performance results have far exceeded expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Codefetti’s website audit to any business interested in maximizing their website performance, and getting results.”

Nancy Babcock, Creative Arts Consulting

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