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Luxury Travel Website Case Study

As a luxury travel concierge, Fred Waugh wanted to showcase his knowledge and the beautiful photos he acquired from many years of exotic travel. Fred had started his own WordPress website, but simply couldn’t devote the time to completing it. So he turned to us to help him present the content in an attractive and organized way that would help visitors explore what he had to offer while learning about distant countries and continents.

Fred also wanted to highlight the travel teams with whom he has associated worldwide. The team concept is a unique selling point for Fred because it reassures clients who are traveling to unknown areas that there will be a team of people in that country available to assist with any unforeseen issues. These insiders also have unique connections that enable access to areas not available to the general public.

With close to 150 pages, the site is a comprehensive glimpse into the many places to where Fred has traveled. The online travel planner walks visitors through a series of questions which helps Fred tailor itineraries specific to each client.

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