A Roadmap for Building Your Astra Website

Follow these ten easy steps to get you up and running with Astra!

Step 1

Plan Your Website

Get the info you need to make the
right decisions about your website.

Step 2

Design Your Home Page

Sketch out your home page or make a list of websites that you like.

Step 3

Set Up Sandbox Site or Clone

Set up a sandbox site or create a website clone so you can practice.

Step 4

Learn Gutenberg

I highly recommend this Gutenberg training course.
It’s self-paced, intuitive, and easy to understand.

Step 5

Use Astra with Gutenberg

Install Astra and optionally import an
Astra Starter Site using Gutenberg.

Step 6

Create a Child Theme

Create a child theme before to keep
your styling and customizations safe!

Step 7

Purchase Astra Pro

Install Astra Pro for more design options.
Read our guide for getting started with Astra Pro.

Step 8

Customize Your Blog

Learn how to customize your
blog archive layouts.

Step 9

Install Google Analytics

Monitor your website and track your website traffic.
Set up Google Analytics Tracking Code in Astra.

Step 10

Create a 404 Page

Help your visitors find the content they are looking for.
Create a 404 Page with a custom layout.

Add these optional touches to your Astra website


Create a Portfolio

Showcase your work with a beautiful portfolio.


Add a Custom Color Palette

Add a custom color palette to the Gutenberg editor.


Add Astra Widgets

Add address, list icons, or
social profiles widgets.

Free Resources

Astra Articles – We compile and update Astra tutorials on a regular basis. Please check back often.

Astra Video Tutorials – Our library contains easy how-to videos to help you learn Astra.

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