A Roadmap for Building Your Astra Website

We’ve worked with dozens of WordPress themes over the years. But as security and speed issues became top ranking factors, we began to narrow down which themes best adhered to these standards.

That focus led us to working with two of the top-ranking WordPress themes: Genesis and Astra. While both are excellent choices for your WordPress site, there are some major differences that you need to consider before you choose your theme. And you can learn more in our comparison between Genesis and Astra.

But before you dive into setting up your website, make sure you have a website plan!

For a business owner who wants to set up their own website, we highly recommend using the Astra WordPress theme with the Gutenberg editor. You can have your site up and running in no time!

Below is a simple guide to help you with your Astra website.

Any questions or concerns, contact us for a free 30 minute consult. We’re happy to help!

10 Steps to Get Up and Running with Astra!

Step 1

Plan Your Website

Get the info you need to make the
right decisions about your website.

Step 2

Design Your Home Page

Sketch out your home page or make a list of websites that you like.

Step 3

Set Up Sandbox Site or Clone

Set up a sandbox site or create a website clone so you can practice.

Step 4

Learn Gutenberg

I highly recommend that you take time to learn Gutenberg
since the classic editor will eventually be phased out.

Step 5

Use Astra with Gutenberg

Install Astra and optionally import an
Astra Starter Site using Gutenberg.

Step 6

Create a Child Theme

Create a child theme before to keep
your styling and customizations safe!

Step 7

Purchase Astra Pro

Install Astra Pro for more design options.
Read our guide for getting started with Astra Pro.

Step 8

Customize Your Blog

Learn how to customize your
blog archive layouts.

Step 9

Install Google Analytics

Monitor your website and track your website traffic.
Set up Google Analytics Tracking Code in Astra.

Step 10

Create a 404 Page

Help your visitors find the content they are looking for.
Create a 404 Page with a custom layout.

Add these optional touches to your Astra website


Create a Portfolio

Showcase your work with a beautiful portfolio using WP-Portfolio.


Astra Widgets

Add address, list icons, or
social profiles widgets.

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Astra Articles – We compile and update Astra tutorials on a regular basis. Please check back often.

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